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Creativity and Intuition with Beverly Belling

Beverly Belling
Susun Weed interviews creativity coach and clairvoyent Beverly Belling

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“Grab a crayon, any scrap of paper, a spot of curiosity, and a smidge of imagination. With your non-dominant crayonshand, draw a smiley face. Give it a hat and personal effect. What do you notice about your mood? What do you feel compelled to do now?”

Beverly Belling is an Intuitive Creativity Coach who helps people access their own natural and inherent intuition. She works from the premise that creativity, in its simplest form, loosens barriers to one’s personal power by freeing up the imagination and engaging the expressive characteristics of the brain. This fascinating process is wholly geared toward the discovery of one’s unique abilities. Plus, clients soon discover a hidden bonus – it is lots of fun!

With a medley of creative exercises and personalized meditations, Beverly gently guides her clients on a journey to self-discovery. Intuitive and psychic readings facilitate a deeper awareness, while clients understand how their energy flows within their aura and chakras. As they learn to use their natural abilities – abilities that may have been cut short due to a myriad of stressors – clients soon connect with their inner knowledge and begin creating an abundant and joyful life.

A natural intuitive and trained clairvoyant, Beverly has been giving psychic readings for more than two decades. She is certified as a Martha Beck Life Coach, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, and Modern Day Muse Group Facilitator, working with both groups and individuals. Whether for business, spirituality, meditation, or simply living authentically, Beverly has crafted numerous workshops and classes designed to unleash people’s creativity and intuition. Her clients include such organizations as Mothers & More, American School of Laughter Yoga, local leadership training groups, and religious organizations.

balanceBeverly’s ten-plus years of experience in Human Resources and Volunteer Management provided her with deep insight into what truly motivates people. She has a strong background in musical theater, having performed and toured with the Young Americans and Columbia Artists for four years. Beverly is also a singer/songwriter, collage artist, doodler, and practices Tai Chi Chuan, yoga, as well as a specialized meditation. Additionally, as the wife of a composer/conductor/violinist and mom to an exuberant middle-schooler, flexibility has become a brilliant teacher…and mantra.

Beverly continues to develop novel methods for helping people access their intuitive skills. She currently has a series of classes on meditation and intuition in the works. Beverly Belling can be found at Creativity On The Loose! where she writes about intuition, spirituality, creativity, and life. Her whimsical blog series Fluky Fridays – where creativity lurks around every corner encourages one to view the world from different perspectives.

Beverly’s motto: “Live dangerously…run with crayons!”


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