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JoAnne Dodgson

JoAnne Dodgson

Susun Weed, herbalist and author, interviews JoAnne Dodgson, author, teacher and medicine storyteller.

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"To hold the center of family and community, women carry within themselves an unshakable knowing of who they are – filled with joy, self-respect, harmony and purposeful awareness.  Women naturally and creatively weave the web of life." JoAnne Dodgson offers ceremonial gatherings, workshops and retreats to enrich, honor and celebrate your relationship with the Mother Earth.

JoAnne Dodgson, Ed.D. is a healer, teacher, medicine storyteller and weaver of webs of balance in ancient Peruvian medicine ways Ka Ta See, ‘living in balance from the heart.’ She has a doctorate in counseling psychology and over twenty years experience offering transformational counseling, ceremonial gatherings, holistic healing, workshops and community outreach. She teaches at Southwestern College in Santa Fe. JoAnne lives in the enchanted desert mesas of New Mexico. JoAnne is also a mentor at the Wise Woman University.

Wise Woman University

Manifesting with the Moon online course invites you to explore the unique energies and opportunities in each moon phase during one complete lunar cycle, one mo(o)nth. With the moon as a guide, you will engage in an organic manifestation process which begins with claiming your intent, giving voice to your visions and dreams. Connect with the energies of the Moon and her cycles to awaken your natural ability to manifest your dreams. Increase your awareness of unfolding moon cycles and integrate these potent natural energies with your personal process of manifestation. You will explore the moon phases during one complete lunar cycle, one mo(o)nth. Joanne and the Moon will serve as a guide to awaken and empower your natural ability to manifest your personal visions and dreams.

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Shaman's Circle online course invites you to explore the path of the shaman and bring ancient healing ways into your modern-day life. You will be guided in explorations of your personal connections with the earth, spirit realms, and vast web of life.Learn about the shaman's 'walk in both worlds,' linking the linear and nonlinear realms, the physical and spiritual dimensions. Experience your personal connections with Animal Nations and Spirit Guides. Discover the shaman's way of first-hand experience as the key to acquiring and remembering your true knowingness. Experience your personal connections with Plant Nations and Spirit Guides. Explore the shamanic approach to creating a world without hierarchy, a circle of life filled with equity and respect. Experience your personal connections with Waters and Rock Nations and Spirits. Discover the shaman's way of living in relationship with natural cycles. Experience your personal connections with the Winged Ones and Spirit Guides.

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UnLeashing Love by JoAnne Dodgson

Medicine stories are shared with the intent to evoke healing and inner reflection, to feed the spirit and awaken the heart. Unleashing Love is a beautiful collection of unique medicine stories filled with rich and compelling experiences to delight the senses and expand awareness, to nourish personal quests and invite connections with unseen worlds, to awaken the passions of life within us and all around.

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Walking the Spiral Path book by JoAnne Dodgson

A rich collection of medicine stories sparked by the inescapable callings to delve deeper for understanding, to see the unseen and give voice to the unspoken, to unravel bindings in the quest to be free. These captivating stories are woven with lived experience and curiosity-filled explorations of the very substance of our lives - who we are and what we do; our web of relationships; our bodies and food; the earth and her seasons; birthings and new beginnings, endings and deaths; our inner quests and spiritual callings - for extraordinary potentials are there for the discovering in each and every moment, in all aspects of our lives, when we claim our truths and follow our passions.

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MoonDance Journal A one-of-a-kind journal by JoAnne Dodgson – a unique sacred space for exploring your inner journeys, spiritual quests and life path through thirteen cycles in a lunar year. Awaken and enrich your connections with the Moon. Empower your own natural cycles of healing, growth and change. Celebrate the rhythms and seasons of your life. MoonDance Journal invites you to connect with the dynamic energies of each moon phase and your own unfolding process of healing, transformation and change. Write, draw, creatively express who you are ~ your joys, your dreams, your passions!

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Healing Sessions with JoAnne Dodgson Awaken your freedom to create a joy-filled, purposeful and passionate way of life. In a deeply respectful and spirit-filled space, JoAnne Dodgson shares the ancient teachings and self-empowering tools of the Peruvian tradition, Ka Ta See – the ways of the Eastern Andes as taught by the Hetakas. She also offers counseling and energy healing and balancing to nourish and enrich your path of self-discovery, health and well-being. In sessions, the Ka Ta See teachings, counseling and/or energy healing and balancing will be incorporated uniquely with each person – to specifically address your individual interests and needs, spiritual quests and healing path. We can meet in person or by phone.

Contact JoAnne about personal sessions, women’s circles and retreats.

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