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Susun Weed, herbalist and author, interviews Susan E Mead - Master Herbalist with a passion for simple healing methods and Holistic Integrated Health Care as a simple, safe and inexpensive alternative to pharmaceuticals.


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More about Susan Mead, M.H

Susan E Mead has a passion for simple healing methods. In addition to her herbal practice, she teaches yoga and volunteers with the Steamboat Springs Ski Patrol. Prior to becoming an herbalist, Susan worked in the corporate world for 20 years, most recently as Director of Marketing for an Internet start-up company in the mid-1990’s.

She gave up 60-hour work weeks in order to focus on being a more effective single parent and to pursue her Take Back Your Bodypassion to make health and healing simpler. Susan E Mead's interest and enthusiasm dates back to stories she heard about her great-grandmother, who grew up using plants and herbs while living in rural Nebraska in the 19th century. She used herbs to help the railroad workers she cooked for in the mid-1800’s as a respectable way to move West.

Intending to start an herb store, Mead found she prefers direct and deeper interaction with her clients; they are her greatest teachers since 1996. Now, with the birth of her first book, Take Back Your Body, she helps more people through her writing and speaking.

In the book Take Back Your Body find a comprehensive wellness plan:

  • Nutrition adjustments (which taste delicious and save you money!)
  • Moving your body (exercise tips, starting with just 5 minutes a day)
  • Relaxation techniques (many which take zero extra time)
  • Behavior Modification to address your specific symptoms

Herbal Medicine and Modern Medicine, as a team, are an unbelievably powerful duo in the prevention and treatment of disease and health imbalances. Ideally, Herbal Medicine is used for prevention, but even with many serious conditions, holistic methods work beautifully--on their own or in conjunction with your physicians' suggested protocol.

Herbal Medicine techniques can help alleviate side effects and even contribute to the effectiveness of the Western treatments.
Stinging Nettles
The Benefits of Nettles - simple and an expensive plant

For your first taste of the potent power of herbs, I highly recommend stinging nettle leaf.

Nutritious nettle tea, tinctures and infusions can provide benefits to your whole body, often reducing or alleviating the symptoms of:

Insomnia, Hot Flashes, Arthritis, Adrenal Depletion (stress), Itchy skin, Asthma, Anemia, Headaches and Migraines, Constipation, Indigestion, Kidney and Bladder Disorders

Nettle Infusion

I highly recommend stinging nettle leaf infusion -- it is dense in essential vitamins and minerals. One quart of nettle tea, prepared as directed, provides 2,000 mg of calcium, eliminating the need for an extra calcium supplement.

Nettle tea is also high in: Iron, Carotene, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Chromium, Vitamin B, Potassium, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin K

How to Prepare Stinging Nettle Leaf Infusion:

1. Place 1 oz. of organic dried nettles in a glass, quart-sized jar. Canning jars work well for this, and it will be just under half-full of the dried nettles.

2. Pour just-boiled water (preferably without chlorine or fluoride) over the nettles, filling the glass jar to the top. Cap snugly, but not too tight.

3. Let it steep for 4 hours or overnight.

4. Strain the liquid out, squeezing any excess from the plant material, and store it in your refrigerator for up to 3 days.

5. Discard the left-over nettles in your compost or under your trees and bushes--it will help them stay healthy, too. Plus it's a more respectful way to treat the plant.

6. Drink 1 cup to 1 quart daily, either iced or heated, depending on your preference and the time of year. But try to avoid the microwave as it destroys nutrients. If that sounds like a lot to drink, remember that thatís one less quart of water you need to drink.

Watch Susun Weed Make Nettle Leaf Infusion on Youtube

Take Back Your Body - Using Time-Tested Health Tips and Uncommon Sense

Paperback by Susan Mead. 388 pp.  Learn how to release extra weight, lower blood pressure, mitigate hot flashes, lessen allergy symptoms, reduce your need for antibiotics and enhance your immune system.

With Susan Mead's savvy advice you will shift from...

Health Care… to Self Care

Pharmaceutical Drugs… to Using Food as Medicine

Over-reliance on Technology… to Listening to Your Body

Being Couch Potato Carol… to Active Annie

Sleepless and Stressed-Out… to Sleeping Peacefully

  • Take Back Your Body is loaded with practical health care ideas. Identified throughout are Susan’s SimpleGarlic Harvest Tips … she will show you how to truly Take Back Your Body - simply and inexpensively.
  • Billions of dollars are spent each year by a naive public seeking alternatives to expensive pharmaceuticals with negative side effects.
  • The effective and cost-saving way to stay healthy and well is through prevention; yet too few health care providers are trained to put common sense into practice.

Take Back Your Body from What?

  • From Pharmaceutical Companies more interested in profits than healing.
  • From the Health Care Industry which seems to be more interested in curing(which is often very expensive) than prevention (which is often free).
  • From overworked physicians who often rely on bulleted brochures from the drug companies as their only continuing education.
  • From the Media which rarely mentions who paid for, and possibly prejudiced, the latest study.
  • From Health Insurance companies who can bankrupt you by denying claims after you've paid premiums for decades.
  • From a culture too dependent on testing and technology to pay attention to Grandma's uncommon common sense.


Even More about the Author - Susan E. Mead, M.H.

After an active 20 years in the business world, Susan E. Mead received her Master Herbalist certification from The Artemis Institute in Boulder, CO in 1996. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (1980) and certification as a yoga instructor(2000).

Blending these skills and experiences, Susan is dedicated to helping others heal through her writing, speaking and individual work with clients. She maintains her own herbal dispensary of approximately 180 herbs, providing custom blends of both Chinese and Western plants. Susan is a member of the Herb Research Foundation, the American Herbalists’ Guild, and The Weston Price Foundation.

Dear Health Seeker:

You may be frustrated by the ineffectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs with a host of negative side effects. But walking into the herb and supplement section of the health food store can be so overwhelming and complicated.

What's a dedicated self-healer to do?

Susan MeadAs I spent the past 8 years writing this book, my goal has always been to keep your self-healing simple, and as inexpensive as possible. That's why a good portion of the first chapter is devoted to how you can use food as medicine--not just to live longer, but to squeeze the vibrant juice out of every day with more energy and less stress.

Join me in my crusade for all of us to take back our bodies with these simple tips. I just know you'll love it--so stock up on extra gift copies for the holidays at our great discounts. Still not sure? Sign up for the free newsletter as a way to get to know me and my health tips. But no matter what tools you choose, I urge you to...Take Back Your Body!

But let's be real here about healthier choices. It's not easy, and--in the beginning--, it's not always fun, or even pleasant. But the choice is yours; this stuff works! Does that mean I, or anyone, does it perfectly? No way, sistah! (or brothah, god bless you for bein' here) If I can eat healthy food 85-90% of the time, I am gonna celebrate life and love and delicious taste treats the other 10%. And trust me, I do.

At the end of Take Back Your Body, I even give you a list of my favorite (and either most nutritious or least destructive) foods which are pre-packaged. You see, really, I'm just like you. I used to think I was fat and actually be a little fat, soft and non-muscular. I survived lots of issues with foods, and got my black belt on the nutrition tips through self-experimentation. But here's your free tip of the day:

If nothing else, get out there for a 5 minute walk--or practice isometrics in bed if you can't get up. Just 5 minutes/day. Get started--and Take Back Your Body--NOW!

Warm Regards,
Susan E. Mead, M.H.

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