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Susun Weed interviews Melissa Potter ,
Massage Therapist, Shamballa Master energy healer & Priestess of the Goddess dedicated to the
Wise Woman tradition.

Reclaiming Artemis - Calling Passion, Power and Wildness Back into Your Life!

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Melissa Potter lives in New Hampshire with her 14-year old son, her greatest joy and their cat, Jack. She loves the earth and all its elements; loves to camp, kayak, swim, visit the mountains and to gather with friends and family for good food and conversation. She also loves exploring-adventures, music, libraries, bookstores and the theater.

Reclaiming-Artemis150 Connecting to nature has been a joyful and deepening source of strength, beauty and sustenance for Melissa. This honoring of Mother Gaia and her devotion to holistic healing led her to the joyous and rewarding journey of studying and using herbal medicine and aromatherapy as well. Life is a magical, beautiful and aromatic adventure when surrounded by pure essential oils and colorful, healing plants!

Her passions are writing for the joy of writing, inspiring others and doing service work. Creating venues to share her experience, strength and hope is extremely rewarding to her. She loves exploring the Divine Feminine through myths, archetypes and ritual and is deeply in love with creating altars and sacred space for healing and celebration.

Her latest passions are studying astrology, singing in a two-hundred-women chorus called, Voices From the Heart and the opportunity to serve as a mentor at Wise Reclaiming-Artemis-150-2Woman University ! Melissa graduated from the NH Institute of Therapeutic Arts in 1993 where she studied various forms of alternative healing. She offers craniosacral therapy, somato-emotional release work, ceremony and spiritual counseling in her private practice at MotherRoots Healing Arts Center .

Although Melissa has studied with many wonderful and wise teachers throughout the last twenty six years, many of her most profound teachings have come from the everyday women and men who have inspired her with their own life stories.

For this she is eternally grateful. And to all of the women who’s tables she has sat around sharing cups of tea, potluck meals, stories and laughter ~ she is also grateful ~ for these are the intuitive, soulful Wise Woman ways that infuse us with the very deepest teachings about ourselves, each other and the world around us on our journey through life.



Melissa is a mentor at Wise Woman University where she teaches:

Reclaiming Artemis-Calling Passion, Power and Wildness Back into Your Life!

By connecting with our Inner Warrior and the Goddess Artemis, we will learn to empower ourselves, set strong boundaries and live an intuitive, authentic life filled with passion, power and wildness. 

We do this through spending time in nature, listening to the call of the wild within, and following the passions of our heart.  We learn to speak our truth, act on our own behalf, and take the time and space we need to listen to ourselves.  In this way we infuse our life with energy, joy and power!

Reclaiming-Artemis-150-3 Course goals: ~To develop a strong bond with your Inner-Warrior and the Artemis-Within you so that you have this amazing ally by your side at all times.

~To Create an altar that is a physical, symbolic embodiment of your empowered, courageous, beautiful, joyful, and strong self where you can spend time creating, reading, meditating, doing ritual or being in solitude.

~To reclaim and reconnect to nature and the wild, free-spirit that is your birthright so that you may hear her intuitive and instinctual calls and loyally follow them through.

~To  become more comfortable speaking your truth, setting boundaries and taking space alone for healing, adventure, exploration, solitude or anything else you need.

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