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Finding Your True Center with Lisa Sarasohn

Lisa Sarasohn

Susun Weed interviews author, teacher and speaker
Lisa Sarasohn

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Lisa Sarasohn's workshops flow from her quest for the Sacred Feminine blended with her experience practicing and teaching yoga.

She has been a Kripalu Yoga instructor since 1979 and is also trained as a yoga and bodywork therapist.

From 1981 to 1988, Lisa served on staff at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, MA. During this time, she led yoga classes for thousands of guests, conducted a practice in bodywork therapy, designed workshops on many aspects of holistic health, and trained yoga teachers and bodyworkers.

In the course of her continuing yoga studies, Lisa learned how cultures around the world have valued the body's center as sacred. Delving deeper into this subject revealed connections between the body's center and qualities of the soul, the extent of women's power in family and society, and the degree of a culture's reverence for Sacred Feminine.

The Woman's Belly Book:
Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure

by Lisa Sarasohn

Your body's center, your belly, is home to your core life force.
Love Your Belly Book

The Woman's Belly Book presents inspiring information, playful activities, and power-centering exercises to kindle the life energy concentrated in your body's core. Yes, urged as we are to "trim our tummies" and "attack our abs," it takes guts — courage, determination, and daring — for a woman to honor her belly and discover the soul power it contains. Are you ready?

As you honor your belly and activate your Source Energy, you boost vitality, release stress, spice up sexual pleasure, unleash creativity, increase confidence and compassion, amplify inner guidance, and clarify purpose. Enjoy! 

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 Honoring Your Belly DVD
by Lisa Sarasohn

Activate your core energy with these dynamic yoga moves!

Dvd-honoryourbelly-150This fun and instructional video with Lisa Sarasohn is much more than a set of conventional stomach-crunching exercises. This dynamic sequence of belly-energizing moves draws from the wisdom of yoga and other healing arts. As you learn these moves, you'll animate ancient symbols of the Sacred Feminine and enact a Rite for Reconsecrating Our Womanhood.

Join the expanding circle of women who love the way these simple yet powerful exercises boost vitality, relieve stress, spice up sexual pleasure, increase confidence, unleash creativity, and amplify intuition.

Each of the 23 exercises animates an ancient image of the Sacred Feminine. Together, the moves enact the story of the heroine's journey.

This updated program includes navigation through both instructional and practice segments plus four bonus features:

* centering meditation
* guided full-body relaxation
* poem: "Naming Ourselves Sacred"
* narrative: "Ritual of Creation"

Join Lisa Sarasohn in learning and practicing these power-centering exercises, also introduced in The Woman's Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure.

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Wise Woman University

Lisa Sarasaohn is a mentor at the Wise Woman University where she teaches:

From Belly Distress to Belly Health

Drawing on ancient wisdom and contemporary practice, we'll attend to our bellies' well-being. We'll engage in experiential learning, energizing the body-mind transformation that supports healing.

With creative and playful activities, and strengthened by our mutual support, we'll develop our relationship with the healing life force already dwelling within us.

Please note: The information and activities offered in this course are for educational purposes only and are not intended nor should be used as a substitute for proper health care. If you need health care, be sure to seek the appropriate diagnostic and treatment services.

Course goals:
1. First and foremost, my goal is to create a supportive community for you and for your learning.

I've designed the activities accompanying each lesson to support your experiential learning about a body-centered process of healing. I urge you to complete these activities and post your comments, reflections, and questions on the course's web page before the next scheduled teleseminar.

I heartily encourage you to make use of the forums, teleseminars, and other opportunities for interaction. Participating actively, we can support each other's healing process.

2. Beyond creating a supportive learning community, my goal is to introduce you to information and skills you can use to support your well-being in concert with whatever health care services and treatments may be necessary and appropriate.

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Initiation 2012: Awakening Your Sacred Center  - Online Course 

The year 2012 heralds a revolution in human consciousness. The signs suggest that the Sacred Feminine will be informing, and reorganizing, every aspect of human experience. As we embody the Sacred Feminine, we'll be equipped to participate in — and shape — this evolution of human awareness with wisdom and grace.

This course is the first part of an ongoing process through which you embody the Sacred Feminine by energizing your body's center with breath, image, story, and movement.

As a first step, this course focuses on befriending your body's center and learning yoga-based movement and breathing exercises that will form the core of your practice. Even if developing a movement practice isn't for you at this time, you'll still find a process that engages and rewards your participation.

Icon-Spiral_Goddess150 Our first lesson brings ancient prophecy together with astronomy and sacred geometry — including Joseph Campbell's writing on "the mystery number of the Goddess" — to explore the connection between the year 2012 and the emergence of the Sacred Feminine.

You begin developing a practice for embodying the Sacred Feminine by honoring and energizing your body's center.

Each lesson blends experiential learning through reflection and creative expression with instruction in movement and breath. Every lesson guides you to work with words and images to develop an ever more intimate knowledge of and appreciation for your body's center as the source of your soul-power and the sourcepoint of the Sacred Feminine.

At the same time, the lessons provide opportunities to investigate the ways that society and culture have shaped your experience of your body's center.

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