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Licia Berry

Licia Berry is an artist, author, educator and shamanic healer with extensive experience in healing family trauma Licia Berry Logofrom the inside out. A public school art teacher who found a call to healing through her own pain, Licia brings compassion, determination, and honesty to her private practice as well as her events, speaking, writing and art.

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Diane Wolkstein

Diane Wolkstein is one of the world’s great master storytellers and mythologists. She is the internationally diane wolksteinrenowned author of 23 award–winning books of folklore and has performed to sold–out crowds throughout the world. Whether recounting folk or fairy tales to rapt children and families at libraries, parks, and schools, or wisdom stories and epics at some of the world’s most prestigious museums, festivals, and performance venues, Diane enters and speaks from the heart of each story she tells.

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Beverly Belling

Beverly Belling is an Intuitive Creativity Coach who helps people access their own natural and inherent intuition. She works from the premise that creativity, in its simplest form, loosens barriers to one’s personal power by freeing up the imagination and engaging the expressive characteristics of the brain. This fascinating process is wholly geared toward the discovery of one’s unique abilities. Plus, clients soon discover a hidden bonus – it is lots of fun!

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PMH Atwater

P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D. is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, having begun her pmh atwaterwork in 1978 and completing 10 books on her findings - some of which have now been verified in clinical settings. She has won many awards, appeared on numerous TV shows, and spoken around the world - always inviting people to look past appearances for the truth that underlies what we think we know.

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Linda West

Linda West is an internationally recognized psychic medium and motivational speaker with a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Her intuitive insights have empowered thousands of people to elegantly and more easily act, decide, move forward in all situations and to heal from the loss of loved ones.

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Karen Downing

Karen Downing is an intuitive reader, spiritual coach and metaphysical teacher. She believes that each person has the power to be the master of their own life, and in order to get to this awareness, a relationship with YOU must be top priority. Everyone has the power to transform their own life, but first they must learn to love themselves unconditionally. Karen’s readings and coaching program give clients the tools to make this happen.

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patrice dickey

Patrice Dickey's intention is to help people recognize the best in themselves and generate authentic, positive forward movement in their lives. A Certified Wellness & Life Success Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and multi-award winning inspirational author and speaker, she helps people reinvent themselves gracefully and get their best life.

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Sheryl S. Berger

Sheryl Schlameuss Berger is a Reiki Master Teacher and a firm believer in the mind, body and spirit connection. lotusShe advocates a consciousness based on positive/intuitive living and personal empowerment. Sheryl is passionate about sharing healthy living practices to bring a greater sense of balance and well-being into the lives of others.

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vincent leleux

Vincent Leleux was a successful web designer who experienced a miracle, when he was healed after one single session of the healing technique Theta Healing. He was so amazed, that he changed his career to become a Theta Healing practitioner/intructor, and uses all his talents and creativity to change people’s lives.

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august gold

August Gold is a cofounder, along with Joel Fotinos, of Sacred Center New York and has served as its Spiritual Director for more than eight years. She is the author of nine books, including The Prayer Chest, an inspirational story that speaks to everyone who has ever struggled and despaired, everyone who has prayed without receiving an obvious answer, and everyone who wonders about the true meaning and ultimate destiny of their life — in short, everyone.

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shea vaughn

Shea Vaughn is an author, fitness expert, wellness coach, motivational speaker and a recognized spokeswoman Shea vaughnfor creating well-being at any age. Ms. Vaughn is also the founder and CEO of SheaNetics®, a revolutionary East-meets-West lifestyle wellness and exercise practice that delivers a powerful mind-body experience and ignites your potential to look and feel your best on the inside and out.

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Dr. JJ Pursell

Dr. JJ Pursell grew up in the Midwest living in the city with her mom, and on a flower farm with her dad. Always having a keen relationship with nature and the plants around her, it was a logical step to move to the NW to begin her studies in herbal medicine. She considers herself a country doctor who is living in the city. Family practice is her passion, treating the whole family. Dr. JJ Pursell enjoys forming trusting relationships with the families she treats through all the different passages of life. Her goal and promise is to always help others feel the best that they can be.

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Dr. Alyssa Dweck

Alyssa Dweck, MS, MD, FACOG is a partner and full-time practicing OB/GYN in Westchester County, NY and an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science. Dr. Dweck and co-author, Robin Westen, hope to remove some of the mystery and taboo surrounding many gynecologic issues in a humorous and chatty, but medically sound and up to date guide
V is for Vagina Your A-Z Guide to Periods, Piercings , Pleasures and so much more.

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krystala marie

Krystalya Marie began her self-healing journey in her mid 20’s, yet her real healing began in 2000, when, after self-loveyears of self-love work, she discovered an underlying belief that had kept her from loving herself fully. She is a best selling co-author with Wayne Dyer, & Deepak Chopra in the ‘Wake Up Live the Life you Love book series, and author of “One-Minute Energy Tune-Up” book series.

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